Why Kofola sells soda in beer glasses

Or the power of aspirations

A typical Kofola glass in Czech Republic

Kofola is a brand of soda in Czech Republic. It's a competitor of Coca-cola, and they seem to be winning. So much so, that you barely see Coke anywhere in restaurants and pubs.

Instead you see big pint glasses of Kofola being served. They use the same glasses they use for beer to serve Kofola.

Here's the thing: Czechs love beer. And everyone has felt the social pressure of being that guy who doesn't drink alcohol.

Kofola makes drinking soda easy. You don't have to use a little skinny glass, or toast using a metal can. You can use a real, sturdy glass, just like your pals that are drinking beer are doing.

Peer pressure can help sell something ("Apple products make me look cool") but also hinder ("Drinking soda at the pub is uncool."). You can't put alcohol in a soda - but you can change the experience of drinking it.

So think - how can you change the feeling of using your product?